About Us

The company AbovAcademy was founded in 2018 and is engaged in the organization of Web Programming and various courses. Over the years, we have managed to educate hundreds of students, many of whom are already working in this profession with us and in other companies. Having great experience both in the market of RA and outside of RA, the company always provides up-to-date knowledge. Along with the courses, our students participate in various trainings and practical works based on real projects. During the course, students have meetings with industry and other specialists. Abov Academy always cares about the students' comfort during the courses, and our specialists always support the students both during the study and after graduation. During the course, students pass exams after each stage, the scores of which significantly affect their further involvement in various types of projects. Being a reliable partner, the company has made a number of agreements with different firms so that our students can do internships with them, and the best students can get a job at once.